Classic Adventures

Aesdale Essen

Elf, Mage

Aesdale Essen When asked about his past, Aesdale Essen proudly tells you he the youngest son of the merchant house Essen in Waterdeep. Aesdale was raised with the finest tutoring in magic, politics, and diplomacy. He is less aloof than most Moon Elves and comfortable of other races and beliefs. His natural affinity for manipulative magic was honed to perfection. This skill makes him a very suitable negotiator.

Aesdale was sent with a small group to investigate why some merchants have recently stopped trade with his family. Betrayed by a mercenary hired to protect him, Aesdale was subdued and when he regained consciousness he found himself chained in a small, dark, oppressively cramped area on a ship. Aesdale has joined your group with cheerful enthusiasm. He is grateful to <charname>.

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Getting Aesdale

Location: Saltmarsh

How To Acquire: Aesdale is imprisoned by pirates at the bottom level of the ship. Rescue him and he'll join you.

NPC Romance: Aesdale will romance Blush for a moment, as part of his personal quest.

PC Romance: Given time, Aesdale may romance a suitable female player.


Aesdale's Attributes

Strength 11
Dexerity 16
Constitution 15
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16
Alignment Neutral Good

NPC Romance

Aesdale will romance Blush for a moment as part of his personal quest.


PC Romance

Romance Requirements:

  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Human, half-elf, elf
  • Alignment: Any non-evil
  • Player must side with Aesdale in his personal quest.

After Aesdale discovered his family's dark secrets, he becomes disheartened and distant. Romance is the last thing on his mind and it'll take a patience and supportive lady to put back Aesdale's confidence in Love.

Aesdale's romance will only initiate in Chapter 4 after certain events though whether the romance initiates will depend on what the player says to him prior to Chapter 4. As long as the player is supportive and sides with Aesdale, the elf will show his appreciation later.

Romance Progress: In writing stage, romance is not in game yet.


Aesdale with other NPCs

Aesdale gets along with all good-aligned NPCs. He is attracted to Blush and has a brief romance with her. Aesdale has some interesting banters with Althon, who is his family ally.