Classic Adventures


Here are some information to help you.


  1. This is a Total Conversion. Most mods for BGII will not work with this mod. Item mods will work, however, if it is Ruad or something that effects Cromwell you will have problems since they aren't in this project. NPC/Romance/Flirt/Banter mods will not work.
  2. This project includes game engine updates created by Horred for the BP (Big Picture) project. This also limits compatibility with some mods. Do not install any tweak mod (Baldurdash, etc) or Worldmap fixes.
  3. The install package will modify the BGMAIN.EXE file. It changes the starting XP amount to 100 instead whatever the amount normally it (7,000?? I don't remember). There is a backup in your SoA folder, so when you uninstall this mod, you can just replace the EXE with the backup.
  4. I have many plans for this project. Just to let you know, after completion of chapter 1, you will head to Saltmarsh to begin the U 1-2-3 series of mods. From there, you will go through the Slaver mods (A1-4). The Giants series (G1-2-3) is planned after this. Followed by the Drow (D1-2-3) and possibly Lolth (Q1).
  5. We have added some components from other mods since they wouldn't work without adjusting them. These include Wes Weimer's Ease of Use and Item Upgrade mods, and the Ruad item upgrade mod. We do plan to add some additional mods later to this product.


Q: It doesn't install.
A: Did you install a full version of SoA and ToB and the patch for Tob (26498)?

Q: The first area crashes after I build a new character.
A: That means that something didn't install correctly. Either the Worldmap is corrupt or the first area, TC0009 isn't working. You can use DLTCEP to verify this.

Q: I installed the Banter Pack and Dungeon-be-Gone mods, now the game doesn't work.
A: (In a terrible Edwin accent) Idiot.

Q: Can the Item Upgrade Mod be installed?
A: Yes, but Cromwell isn't here so there is no one to make the items for you. You can CLUA in them yourself.

Q: I want other parts of the Ease-Of-Use mod!
A: Too damn bad. Sorry, but actually they don't work with the files from BP and from the changes I have made. Therefore, don't install them.

Q: I deliberately made changes to your mod and now it doesn't work.
A: Please go kick yourself. I will NOT support changes made by players. I will however, be willing to fix bugs that you find. So please let me know about them.

Q: But I want Boo!
A: You obviously have a fetish problem and need to go talk to a shrink about this. Please don't play this mod.