Classic Adventures

About Classic Adventures

Classic Adventures will be a compilation of many of the old and some new classic PnP (Pen and Paper) modules. We fully plan to include series like A, D, G, S, and U into this story. There are several newer mods that will also be included into this project just for some variety.

Contact us at the Spellhold Studios Forums if you have issues/problems.


Classic Adventures starts with two options. First is "The Sunless Citadel" which is a current mod for the d20 System. You will start the game as a level 1 player and work your way through a fortress that years ago was magically pushed into a giant ravine with the hopes of destroying it's evil occupants. You are tasked with creating a party to go down into the ravine and try to purchase a special magical item from a clan of goblins.

The other option is to play the classic "B3 - Palace of the Silver Princess". You will start the game as a level one player and work your way through the ruins of the mythical Silver Princess. Your hope is to find the famous ruby known as My Lady's Heart and sell it to purchase healing items for your village.

Either mod will complete Chapter 1. It is possible to do both but if you want more storyline, don't. Logically your character will not do this. You'll understand once you return to Oakhurst from either mod.

After finishing Chapter 1, you head to Saltmarsh. From there, the "U" series of mods commences (U1 - The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, U2 - Danger at Dunwater, U3 - The Final Enemy). Or, you can go a different path playing a mix of other mods, UK2 The Sentinel, UK3 - The Gauntlet, and C2 - The Ghost Tower of Inverness. After either path, you can start to head to Selgaunt. On the way, you can stop by a little town called Mistmoor (The Ghost of Mistmoor, Dungeon #35).

The city of Selgaunt is closed due to the recent attacks on nearby towns. However the bridge leading into the city is available for you to explore. This area starts the events for some of the other mini-mods. Right now Rihn's quest is available. She or Vildamyr have to be in the party for this quest. You will head to Westgate from here as well.

Chapter 3 starts in Westgate which is the nearby town for mods A1 and A2 of the Slaver series. You will continue the series by traveling to Suderham on an island in the Pirate Isles. This town is the location for A3 and A4.

Chapter 4 starts in Selgaunt. However, this package ends after returning to Selgaunt from Suderham. The city of Selgaunt is not finished but you can wander the streets looking at our progress if you wish.



You must have a clean, full install of SoA and ToB. Install the ToB English Patch version 26498.

This is in Weidu format. To install, unzip the zip file to your game folder and double-click on Setup-Classics.exe. To uninstall, double-click on Setup-Classics.exe again and select the Uninstall option.

The install has 6 parts. You have to install at least the first. You can uninstall the first part later for patch updates. The second through fifth parts come from Wiemer's Ease of Use mod and only need to be uninstalled if totally removing the mod.

You no longer have to use XPpatcher for the starting XP points. I now modify the BGMAIN.EXE file during the installation. There is a backup left in the SoA folder for you to use if you uninstall this mod (you will have to manually replace the BGMAIN.EXE file).



Concept: Sir BillyBob and Leahnkain

Writer of many NPC's / Homepage creator: Celestine

Team members: Sir BillyBob, Leahnkain, Celestine, Lysan Lurraxol, Solar Harper, and Sam.