Classic Adventures

Bergon Erunestian

Human, Sorceror

Bergon Erunestian Bergon Erunestian was born in Arabel. He is a young human but has already adventured around the Sea of Fallen Stars for several years now. He tells you that both of his parents were adventures. His father was a invoker from Saerb while his mother was a diviner from Luskan.

He has succeeded at magic where even his teachers assumed he would fail. His fierce drive to get away from his parents' tutelage has led him to pursue the life as an adventurer when he turned sixteen.

So Bergon left Arabel and has since become a very capable adventurer who commands top gold for his services. Possessed with a keen wit, at times of a sarcastic nature, He enjoys traveling with many people and experiencing many new and different cultures. He is fascinated with the Netheril Empire and is well versed in the Netherese language. He is a cheerful traveling companion who you find to be very loyal and trustworthy.

You recently met Bergon in Piney Bluff. He had come to visit his retired grandfather when the slavers attacked the village. Bergon was one of the few people to survive the attack. The loss of his grandfather has prompted him to assist you in defeating the slavers.

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Getting Bergon

Location: Piney Bluff

How To Acquire:He is now available and can be found in Piney Bluff.

NPC Romance: He will romance Candella.


Bergon's Attributes

Strength 11
Dexerity 17
Constitution 16
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 10
Charisma 15
Alignment Chaotic Good

Special Equipment

Ring of Volhm

The “gentle lady” Volhm was the most renowned arcanist of her time, at least to those without her powerful lightning bolt spell. She received scores of archwizards and their apprentices at her home who sought the spell, and she was normally willing to trade in exchange for some new spell of the visitor, some exchange of information, or elven antiquities. In 1898 of the Netheril calendar, the Gentle Lady of Palter was killed in a spell duel with the arcanist Jarm, who was seeking her lightning bolt spell. Her students tried to avenge her death, but they were killed off one by one as they made their attempts on Jarm. Her ring has been passed down from generation to generation. It bestows the wearer some resistance to electrical based attacks and it also reduces the casting speed of spells.


Electricity Resistance: +50% bonus
Reduces casting speed by 1
Usable by:
Bergon Erunestian Only


NPC Romance

Bergon will romance Candella.


Bergon with other NPCs

He is on good terms with most memebers of the group. Candella takes a liking to him immediately. Althon and Icar seem to dislike him because of Candella's fondness of him.