Classic Adventures

Madisil Blodgett

Halfling, Fighter

Madisil Blodgett After the deaths of Madisil Blodgett's parents by slavers, he was sent a message summoning him to Westgate. In Westgate, Blodgett who had already become a skilled warrior, played the role of a timid Halfling traveller, so that no one would suspect how dangerous an opponent he could be. Over the following months Blodgett has thwarted numerous plots against slavers and the slave lords. Blodgett knows a great warrior is needed to stop the slave lords whose identities remain a secret. He has vowed to stop this menace and restore peace.

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Getting Blodgett

Location: Myth Drannor

How To Acquire: Blodgett is a semi-hidden NPC. You need to do Rihn's quest which will take you to Myth Drannor. Thereafter, Blodgett can be summoned by Ilewtharyn.

Special Equipment: Cinder's bane


Blodgett's Attributes

Strength 13
Dexerity 16
Constitution 16
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 13
Alignment Neutral Good

Special Equipment

Cinder's bane

When asked about his cloak Blodgett always replies “Saved me bloody life many times! Blodgett received his cloak from Saramisdantle a mage of some power as a reward for convincing Cinder, young Red Dragon to move its lair to a more profitable area. He told the Young dragon it could profit by attacking the a wealthy secluded church of Lovitar and take up residence there because priests always have a lot of gold from donations. Blodgett's finely woven bright red cloak provides protection from all forms of natural fire and any ill effects, which may occur. It also provides resistance to magical fire.


Saving Throw: +4 bonuse to save vs Breath Weapons
Special: Fire resistance 60%
Disadvatanges:Due to the Bright Color of the Cloak Thieves trying to Hide in Shadows receive a -40% negative modifier.
Weight: 1
Only usable by:


Blodgett with other NPCs

Blodgett works well with most NPC’s. He will work well with Althon but will not stay in a group that has any of the other evil NPC’s.