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Buranta Kal

Human, Assassin

Buranta Kal When asked about her past, Buranta squints at the sky, contemplating. After a moment, she tells you she was born in the small country town of Corak, near the famed city of Waterdeep to a young half-elven woman by the name of Karalla Si'Esten, and a human man named Tarral. From a young age she had an aptitude for thievery, and as much as her parents tried to instill in her a sense of morality in relation to possessions, nothing seemed to work. She became the subject of many an argument between her two parents, and eventually Tarral disappeared under mysterious circumstances, much to the young Buranta's despair.

As an adolescent, Buranta became more and more trying, argumentative and immoral and eventually her mother Karalla threw her out onto the streets, depriving Buranta of the last piece of family she had left. She was forced by starvation and need into the Thieves Guild of Waterdeep, and found a profession which would eventually become both her salvation and her downfall. An old human man, Rodan, taught her the art of murder and assassination, and with her natural intelligence, charisma and speed she quickly became proficient at assassination. She became moderately rich thanks to her new profession within the space of a few well-paid murders and several months, and bought a house in one of the wealthier districts of Waterdeep.

It was during one of these assassination attempts when one of her enemies finally caught her, throwing her into his own dungeon before bringing her before the judge. Though many of these accusations were obviously false, several proved true and Buranta was taken into prison. She was held there for several years before being transferred to Westgate. A year later, she was sold into slavery, and bided her time among the slavers watching, waiting, and hoping for an opportunity. That opportunity came, and it's name was <CHARNAME>.

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Getting Buranta

Location: Westgate

How To Acquire: You will find Buranta in Westgate as a prisoner. Rescue her and she will join you. (She is available from CA 0.41 onwards.)


Buranta's Attributes

Strength 12
Dexerity 14
Constitution 11
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16
Alignment Neutral Evil

Buranta with other NPCs

While Buranta has no overt conflicts with NPCs (except one), she will not establish any particular friendships, either; she is a solitary woman, and after her confinement has become even less social. Her relationship with Althon is complex, and may end in her turning against him. Other than that, while she isn't the happiest daisy in the field she'll - get along with everyone else well enough.


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