Classic Adventures

Candella Verenworth

Human, Swashbuckler

Candella VerenworthCandellaís eyes sparkle with excitement whenever she speaks of her past. Candella Venerworth was born in Saerloon. Her uncle who was an important member of the local thieves guild, took care of her and her family after her father disappeared mysteriously.

From a tender age, Candella learned the art of thieving and proved to be quite useful for her uncle whenever he needed someone small enough to enter a building unnoticed. Her uncle did not want his niece to be just a common burglar, so he had her educated in the art of swordplay and enrolled her in the finest schools available in Selguant.

On her 18th birthday, Candella began feeling restless and started to adventure. She had acquired an ancient map which led to the legendary Palace of the Silver Princess. She researched many tales about the Silver Princessís famous gem, My Ladyís Heart. Accompanied by her best friend, Duchess, she quickly realized it would be safer and wiser to travel in a larger group and decided she wanted to travel with you.

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Getting Candella

Location: Hidden

How To Acquire: You will find Candella somewhere in Chapter 1.

NPC Romance: Candella shows interest in Bergon after a string of events.


Candella's Attributes

Strength 9
Dexerity 17
Constitution 15
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14
Alignment Neutral Good

NPC Romance

Candella shows interest in Bergon after a string of events.


Candella with other NPCs

Candella gets along with most of the female NPC's but tends to be shy at first around characters with agressive personalities. She views Dirbert as a rival and finds Paraway too barbaric. She sees Rivian as a mentor of some sort. She does not like certain NPCs whom she considers too rigid.