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Human, Fighter/Cleric

CatharandamusCatharandamus, priest of Shar has a notorious reputation, known for rescuing a noteable priestess of Shar from Arabel. Born out of wedlock, Catharandamus and his brother, Chassius are the descendents of a family of clerics in service of the mysterious Goddess and favored by her.

Catharandamus trained in the way of the warriors, accompanied by his brother, were recruited by their father, a High Priest in Shar's church, whose identity were kept secret from the siblings, to work against Arabel. Chassius served as a personal guard while Catharandamus served as his assistant; his role, somewhat passive in the arrangement.

However, not long after, the High Priests' schemes were foiled and his father's identity was revealed. Their reconciliation was cut short as the trio were sentenced to death for their failures but they managed to escape and fled to different parts of the realm. Though defeated, the three swore revenge on the people of Arabel.

Catharandamus is a manipulative and charismatic young man who had intended to using the Palace of the Silver Princess as his base for his revenge plans. He had however, changed his mind and decided to join you. Though, now that he is travelling with you, you can't help but wonder how long his apparent loyalty will last.

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Getting Catharandamus

Location: Palace of Silver Princess

How To Acquire: You will find Catharandamus in the palace, he will offer to join if you prove you are stronger than him.


Catharandamus's Attributes

Strength 16
Dexerity 11
Constitution 15
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 17
Charisma 13
Alignment Neutral Evil

Catharandamus with other NPCs

He doesn't respect anyone's power but his own. He uses others as tools to help achieve Shar's goals.