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Cerivrenniel Aunglor

Human, Mage/Thief
Cerivrenniel Aunglor

Cerivrenniel Aunglor is the great grand daughter of the legendary moon elf warrior; Jassin Aunglor who braved the hazards of the Tangled Vale and confronted the ancient green dragon Venom in The Year of Elfsorrows (-206 DR). She was born in Semberholm but raised amongst humans in Hillsfar. Her parents, both successful adventures always feared their daughterís recklessness would get her in trouble. They were also concerned that she had fallen with the wrong crowd.

She met her best friend, Elathaviel; a Priestess of Loviatar when Elathaviel was just a child. When Elathaviel was an acolyte, Cerivrenniel became fascinated with magic. She has gone to great lengths to acquire items. Her goal is to recover her great grandfathers legendary Moonblade, Greenfire.

She has adventured in Sembia for the past five years with a group of female mercenaries. Their group was referred by many as the amazons due to the lack of male members. Her groups last mission was to recover the legendary Soul Gem. Unfortunately her they were told misleading information and they accidently activated the Soul Gem leading to the loss of the groups leader. Their employer sent the to the Slave pits as punishment for their failure.

Her cousin, Markessa Demuir learned of her fate and offered to shield her from harm. Sadly for Cerivrenniel, Markessa was a minor Slave Lord herself who often experimented on elves. Markessa decided the best way to protect her cousin was to let her cousin see things as she did. Markessa through dark magicís transformed the beautiful Cerivrenniel into an exact duplicate of herself. She pleaded with the Elemental Lords to erase Cerivrennielís memories and replace it with her own. Due to Cerivrennielís strong chaotic streak, the transformation was never complete. Recently she has regained her full memories and has no memory of her ordeal after her capture.

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Getting Ceri

Location: Hidden

How To Acquire: Hidden


Ceri's Attributes

Strength 10
Dexerity 18
Constitution 16
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 11
Charisma 14
Alignment Chaotic Good