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Half-Elf, Archer

Dirbert When asked about his past, Dirbert reminds you that he grew up in the same village of Oakhurst as you did. His parents weren't the successful adventuring types like yours. They are poor farmers that barely get by each year. The constant fear of the lack of food for his family pushed Dirbert to work harder at his skills of archery and hunting.

Dirbert has assisted the village's militia by volunteering to scout for orcs, goblins, wolves, and other unfriendly creatures that sometimes plague Oakhurst. He has always hoped that his success at archery events and other competitions will someday bring him to one of the big cities and get him away from his poor farm life.

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Getting Dirbert

Location: Oakhurst

How To Acquire: Dirbert is standing near the mayor. Initiate dialog with him and his father, and he'll join you.

Special Equipment: Leather Armor


Dirbert's Attributes

Strength 18/45
Dexerity 16
Constitution 17
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 14
Charisma 12
Alignment Neutral Good

Special Equipment

Dirbert's Elven leather armor comes from his father and his father before him. Made of thick, magically harden leather. It is sturdy protection, not supple like boots or a cloak. However, it was designed for a ranger. Thus offering protection and increasing the ability to hide in shadows. The armor makes no noise, weights little and shows the obvious styles of elven fashion.


Armor Class: 7
Special: +10% Hide in Shadows
Weight: 10
Requires: 4 Strength
Usable By: Dirbert Only


Dirbert with other NPCs

Dirbert gets along with most good-aligned and neutral NPCs. He sees Shadow as a younger sister and takes care of her. Dirbert and Vildamyr has some interesting banters with Vildamyr trying to teach Dirbert in the ways of seeking pleasure.