Classic Adventures

Fala'stra Ketta

Human, Thief/Enchanter (Dual-class)

Fala'stra Ketta Fala'stra Ketta was born in Neverwinter. When Fala'stra was a child, her parents had her educated in all known forms of magic, in which Fala'stra proved to be a master. Her teachers knew that a great wizard would be necessary to battle the coming dangers to the North and made plans for Fala'stra, who became a full mage in her adolescence. Unknown to her teachers she was also fascinated in learning peoples' secrets and she joined the thieves guild while she was training as a mage.

After the disappearance of Fala'stra's uncle, Her Aunt sent a message to her father, summoning him to Mistmoor for aid. Fala'stra's father sent his daughter instead. Despite her protests, her father said it was important to help the family and sent her off to Mistmoor.

While in Mistmoor, Fala'stra sought help from the young lord, Rilithar Mistmoor but learned that his lands were to be seized if he could not pay his taxes. She decided to assume the role of an innkeeper so that no one would suspect how dangerous an opponent Fala'stra could be if there was trouble. Lord Mistmoor had taken her aside and explained to her the dangers Mistmoor would face if he loses the land. He also gave her permission to operate her business freely in exchange for her help in defense of the town if the need arises.

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Getting Fala'stra

Location: Mistmoor

How To Acquire: Fala'stra is in Mistmoor tavern.


Fala'stra's Attributes

Strength 10
Dexerity 15
Constitution 10
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 11
Charisma 16
Alignment Lawful Evil

Fala'stra with other NPCs

Fala'stra gets along well with most NPC's except Ilhara and Althon who tends to avoid her. She is disliked by Vildamyr for no apparent reason.