Classic Adventures


Human, Fighter

Icar Icar is blind and has been since birth but special training he received at a monastery in the jungles of Chult has made him remarkably sensitive to sound, air pressure variations and smell. Thus able to “see” better than a sighted man.

Icar reached his teachers level of skill by the age of nine and eventually surpassed them. The monks at the Monastery decided that it was time for a more demanding test. Icar, having never failed a test, was confident in his ability to please his fellow monks once again. His test was to learn how to use a blade. With great perseverance he succeeded. Icar learned he had unlimited potential and it was time for him to travel world.

He wandered for a long time by foot, eating by what he could kill with his own hands, sleeping at roadside and in farmers barns when they allowed him. His life changed dramatically when he met a young Althon Merchantius and Markessa Demuir. Accidentally while scourging for food he heard the chirping of a songbird. He quickly entrapped it and killed it. He was about to sit down to enjoy his meal when Althon attacked him. Markessa was in shock, due to the loss of her familiar. Icar was no match for Althon's assault and promised to make amends for slaying the bird. Althon spared Icar's life, on one condition. He would learn the ways of a nobleman and become Markessa's guard. For over fifteen years, Icar has honored his word and has learned how to become an aristocrat.

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Getting Icar

Location: Selgaunt

How To Acquire: You will find Icar in Markessa's lair.

Special Equipment: Dragon Slayer “Maiden's Sorrow”


Icar's Attributes

Strength 18/84
Dexerity 16
Constitution 16
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 13
Charisma 13
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Special Equipment

Dragon Slayer “Maiden's Sorrow”

This blade was created in -137/Year of Blooded Sunsets for the young hero Charndir Thel. He was a member of a company of paladins from the Vilhon Reach in service to the Morninglord who overthrew the Night King of Westgate. Following the vampire's destruction, the group's commander, Dawnknight Gen Soleilon, was crowned king of Westgate in the undead monarch's stead. The Radiant King ruled wisely for many years, rebuilding Westgate's fortunes and establishing the Soleilon dynasty. Unfortunately, Charndir's fate was tragic. He heard of an ancient red dragon near West gate and decided to challenge the beast and claim it's lands so he could build a castle for his family. He was surprised to find the rumors were only half truths. What he discovered was the ancient green dragon, Treebane. Lacking adequate protection he quickly fell in combat against the ancient Wyrm. The Radiant King named his close friends blade the “Maiden's Sorrow” as a reminder to knights who wield this blade of Charndir's wife's sadness.


THACO: +2 bonus
Damage: 1D10 +2
Special: +4 bonus against any sort of true dragon. It inflicts triple damage against red dragons
Damage type: slashing
Weight: 9
Speed Factor:6
Proficiency Type: Two-handed sword
Type: 2-handed
Requires: 12 Strength
Not Usable By:


Icar with other NPCs

Icar dislikes Dirbert, cannot be in a group with Blodgett. Other than those two, he has a neutral reaction with most NPC's.