Classic Adventures

Ilhara Thul

Human, Paladin

Ilhara Thul Ilhara Thul was born in 690 in the Hordelands and was raised there. Being born to a family of mages, she knows that she was somewhat of a disappointment when she showed no skills at magic. However, when she was twelve she had a vision from Tyr. Her family sent her to a temple of Tyr in Luskan. It was there she diligently trained to serve Tyr.

Upon hearing of the Armies of darkness descending upon Myth Drannor, she headed South to provide aid. She traveled with an army of winter wolves, frost giants, and a white dragon, freezing everything in her wake.

They made their way from the North down to the south to help aid in the defence of the city of Myth Drannor. Ihara was defeated in famous battle known as the Sunshigh Screams in 712 by the notorious Lord Selvax the seven clawed, when he defeated her in a duel.

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Getting Ilhara

Location: Myth Drannor

How To Acquire: Ilhara is a semi-hidden NPC. You'll need to have Rihn in the party and do Rihn's quest which will take you to Myth Drannor. Thereafter, Ilhara can be summoned by Ilewtharyn.


Ilhara's Attributes

Strength 13
Dexerity 17
Constitution 16
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 14
Charisma 17
Alignment Lawful Good

Ilhara with other NPCs

Ilhara gets along with most good-aligned and neutral NPCs.