Classic Adventures

Magdalene D’Amberville

Human, Fighter

Magdalene D’AmbervilleWhen asked about her past, Magdalene regards you curiously and relates to how she was born and raised in her hometown of Illusk (Luskan), a quiet and studious youth to a wealthy aristocratic family. Perhaps due in part to her standing, Magdalene D’Amberville knew very few friends in her childhood, opting instead to her studies, later including the art of swordplay that would in time become something of a necessity. Belonging to a family fond of secrecy, she learnt to avoid using her true name when participating in activities that were otherwise best left unknown to others, at least in her opinion.

After the "accident" with her father became known to her, Magdalene attempted to search for help, escaping the family stronghold on horseback. However, in a nearly fatal accident, she fell in a cataleptic trance, and was buried by her eccentric brother who had mistaken her for dead. Unaware of the passage of time, it is unclear just how long she attempted to escape her buried crypt, and the harrowing trials of her "funeral" still quite clearly show in her haunted look when memories return to her, finishing conversation with her in ghostly silence.

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Getting Magdalene

Location: Hidden

How To Acquire: Hidden

Special Equipment: Inviolable Promise

Special Equipment: Queen's Guard


Magdalene's Attributes

Strength 16
Dexerity 16
Constitution 18
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 11
Charisma 14
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Special Equipment

Inviolable Promise (Medium Shield +3)
In -425/Year of Ancestral Voices, Illusk was re-founded as a magocracy by Netherese settlers. The ruling group of arcanists named itself the Grand Cabal, and named Fynran "the Flamelord" as its High Arcanist and ruler of Illusk. Without Magdelene’s protection, none of this would have been possible. Her shield Inviolable Promise was created by the Grand Cabal as a symbol of gratitude for her protection. She is the only member of the D'Amberville family to use her own heraldry.


Fire Resistance: +50%
Armor Class Bonus: 4
Weight: 5
Requires: 12 Strength
Usable By:
Magdalene D'Amberville Only

Defender +5 "Queen's Guard"
Queen’s Guard is a legendary blade passed down through the D'Amberville family. This particular sword imbues its wielder with additional prowess in battle, making it easier for the wielder to protest him or her self. It was last noted in ancient tomes to be wielded by Magdalene D'Amberville. This sword is believed to have been created by harnessing the power of the Nether Scrolls shortly after they were uncovered by the Netherese in the ruins of Aryvandaar. Due to its magical nature, only those of pure Nethril blood can wield it.


Always considered to be of +5 enchantment when determining what it can hit.
Damage: 1D8 + 3
THAC0: +3 bonus
Armor Class: +2 bonus
Damage type: Slashing
Weight: 3
Proficiency type: Longsword
Speed Factor: 2
Type: 1-handed
Requires: 8 Strength
Usable By:
Only of pure Nethril blood can wield it.


Magdalene with other NPCs

Magdalene has difficulties forming strong friendships with many of the NPC’s. She develops a crush, which can develop into a relationship with Aesdale. This could lead to conflict with the player if she is romancing Aesdale. Magdalene works well with Aesdale, Althon and Bergon. She also enjoys the company of Rihn and Aleigha.