Classic Adventures

Markessa (Kessa)

Elf, Fighter/Mage

Markessa DamuirMarkessa Demuir is the daughter of Venethil Demuir, who was a powerful noble of Waterdeep. As Markessa grew, she developed a highly successful career as a negotiator. To aid her family and to help grow in power, she tried to manipulate a young noble named Althon Merchantius to do her family's bidding. She eventually fell in love with the dashing human.

Althon trained Markessa to become a warrior and the two acted as partners on missions together for years. Finally, Markessa decided to launch a solo career, which came to a quick end when she went into battle against two of Althon's arch foes. The two savagely beat Markessa nearly to death and blinded her. Hearing her cries of agony, Althon rushed to his lover's rescue and fought and killed the two men.

Realizing he could not forsake his responsibilities, Althon resumed his role as a diplomat; telling Markessa to return after she was healed. Markessa went to a powerful necromancer in Skullport to recuperate. While there, she was given new eyes to restore her sight. The amber eyes were from a beautiful drow captive.

Fascinated by the surgery, Markessa began conducting her own experiments. This has lead to her involvement with the slavers who allow her a chance to conduct her research on a variety of subjects. She now adventures with your group bent on revenge and is unafraid of others knowing of her betrayal from the Slave Lords.

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Getting Markessa

Location: Hidden

How To Acquire: You must have either Althon or Icar in your group. She will join only after she has been defeated.

Special Equipment: Gown of the Sharrven, Frostbane


Markessa's Attributes

Strength 14
Dexerity 18
Constitution 17
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 13
Charisma 14
Alignment Lawful Evil

Special Equipment

Gown of the Sharrven

This golden gown of ancient elven silk comes from Sharrven It was probably a noble woman's gown who survived The Slaughter of Sharrven.

In -2770 the elven realm of Sharrven fragmented and fell due to an inexplicable explosion of the monstrous populations within the southern High Forest. Survivors fled to Eaerlann and Evereska, and the realm lied vacant but for a few settlements and outposts(though the southern forest retained the name Sharrven until the modern era). While proof was sorely lacking, the paranoid elves of Siluvanede quickly blamed the power-hungry Netherese wizards, and vowed to slay any Netherese wizard that strayed into their western High Forest realm.

Special: 50% Fire Resistance
Armor Class: 5
Weight: 5
Requires: 5 Strength
Usable By:
Elven Mages or Elven Multi Class Mages

Flame Tongue +1 "Frostbane"

This blade possesses an unearthly splendor, the blade is warm to touch and constantly glows a fiery orange. It is said that the blade was forged by a demon smith and enchanted by a human mage for his succubus lover. The blade remained unmentioned for centuries until one day a young elven warrior mage named Markessa Demuir entered the wizards tower and tomb. Markessa was lucky indeed to discover this blade in the ruins of the ancient sorcererís tower, for it saved her life that very day. When she entered the library of the tower she found the wizards paramour. The succubus herself attacked the intruder, but was quickly cut down.

Damage: 1D8 +1, +2 vs. regenerating creatures, +3 vs. cold/fire creatures, +4 vs. undead
Damage type: slashing
Weight: 4
Speed Factor: 3
Proficiency Type: Long Sword
Type: 1-handed
Requires: 6 Strength
Not Usable By:


Markessa with other NPCs

Markessa works well with Althon and Icar. They are the only people she truly cares for. She is fond of Chaarna and believes she can help Chaarna obtain great power. She cares little for Ceri and tends to have a rather twisted friendship with the PC and other NPCs, she's evil, but willing to work with them against a greater threat, and will offer useful advice and insight. She despises Aesdale and will not be in the same group with him for too long.