Classic Adventures


Kobold, Fighter

Meepo Meepo proudly explains to you that he is the "Dragon Keeper" of the clan. He is responsible for Calcryx. Unfortunately, the goblins decided to steal Calcryx. As punishment, the clan's leader, Yusdrayl tasked Meepo to go get Calcryx back. A task that is certain death. The goblins have nasty traps, Meepo explains.

Your coming along at just the right time has given Meepo a chance to prove to the clan that he can handle such an important mission. The fact that you may be the only reason he stays alive through all this isn't discussed.

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Getting Meepo

Location: Sunless Citadel

How To Acquire: Meepo can be found in the dungeons.


Meepo's Attributes

Strength 12
Dexerity 15
Constitution 13
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 11
Charisma 8
Alignment Lawful Evil