Classic Adventures

Narcissa Greycastle

Human, Priestess of Mystra

Narcissa GreycastleNarcissa quirks an eyebrow when asked about her past. She tells you how she was brought up in luxury in a large city house in Silverymoon. She speaks with fondness as she remembers the rain falling from the trees as she watched from her balcony, and as she describes her studies. When asked how she was drawn to Mystra, she shrugs. She has always loved to learn, to study and the Weave has always fascinated her. It angered her to learn of the wizards and sorcerers who would misuse it. Joining the clergy of the Lady of the Weave seemed the obvious choice. She excelled in her role as a novice and quickly became a minor priestess of the temple, but she wanted more. She had felt she could learn no more from the priestesses and now wanted to apply her knowledge to the Realms.

Perhaps because of her skill, or more likely her zeal, Narcissa was put into contact with the Harpers, though she did not know their identity at the time. She was soon out in the field, putting her faith into practice and guarding the Weave from misuse. Some unspecified accident led to Narcissa being swiftly relocated to Westgate, where she now operates as a solo agent for the Harpers. Interestingly, her current line of works has little to no dealings with dangerous magic users. Why, she will not say.

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Getting Narcissa

Location: Mistmoor Inn

How To Acquire: Finish with Rilithar's quest.


Narcissa's Attributes

Strength 12
Dexerity 13
Constitution 16
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 17
Charisma 13
Alignment Neutral Good