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Elf, Elven Ranger

Paraway Paraway was born in South Wood, near Waterdeep. During his childhood and adolescence, he proved to be an exceptionally strong and vigorous warrior. Paraway, however, regarded himself throughout his life as a traditionalist. He wished to prove himself to be a warrior in the tradition of his ancestors, and he was dissatisfied with what he regarded as the complacent lives led by his fellow members of the raven tribe. His family has had strong connections to the Merchant Houses of Waterdeep. Paraway's tribe members often act as guards and guides for diplomats leaving Waterdeep on business. Presently he is tracking an escaped prisoner. It seems to be of some importance to him but he has deemed your situation more important for now.

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Getting Paraway

Location: Near Oakhurst

How To Acquire: After you leave Oakhurst in Chapter 1, you'll find Paraway struggling against a group of kobolds. Help him and he'll join you.

NPC Quest: Paraway has his own quest, which is linked to Athlon.


Paraway's Attributes

Strength 16
Dexerity 15
Constitution 16
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 14
Charisma 13
Alignment Neutral Good

NPC Quest

Paraway has his own quest, which is linked to Athlon.


Paraway with other NPCs

Paraway gets along with almost every NPCs with few exceptions. He sees Dirbert as a brother and Rivian as a fellow ally.

Paraway, like Dirbert will never betray you. He is very loyal to you whom like Dirbert he considers a brother.