Classic Adventures

Porphyria Angellore

Human, Conjurer

Porphyria AngelloreArrogant, condescending, needlessly cruel. Exotic and beautiful with a black heart. Utterly selfish, and will do anything and hurt anyone to get her won way. Very similar to Narcissa in some respects. Little respect for anyone but herself. Fascinated with binding things to her power and will, has some of the Nar demonblood flowing through her exquisite veins, something of which she is very proud. Working for the Knives to fund her research into demons, and loudly unhappy to have to travel to Arabel to help the PCs. Delightfully venemous, with no hope of redemption. Very like Domi Ashara's Salomeya from IWD2NPCC in her cruel bitchiness. Will probably die getting too far out of her depth in trying to summon something far more powerful than herself. Although, generally very pragmatic, albeit evil to the core.

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Getting Porphyria

Location: Westgate

How To Acquire: She can be acquired if Narcissa's Harper Quest has been accepted.

PC Romance: Porphyria is non-romanceable.


Porphyria's Attributes

Strength 10
Dexerity 9
Constitution 15
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 15
Charisma 9
Alignment Neutral Evil