Classic Adventures

Rihn Haruto

Half-Elf, Bard

Rihn Haruto Rihn Haruto once hailed from Kara Tur. She came from a family of performers. She came from Kara Tur to an Island the island of Glossgrey when she was only fifteen. Rihn tends to have very high standards, both for herself and others. Those who can meet or exceed those standards are worthy of respect. Those who fall short of her expectations are not even worthy of attention.

When Rihn was fifteen she was kidnapped by an evil warrior who desired her as his bride. Rihn was rescued a young human knight named Murkshar from the evil warrior Elnzlotnis. Murkshar had a travelling companion named Eilyana and the three decided to leave the Island of Glossgrey and seek fame and fortune elsewhere, together. They traveled the coast and finally joined a group of adventures in Hillsafar. (Now Hillsfar) they signed on with a group of seasoned adventurers, the adventuring the Witches of Defiance.They viewed Rihn as a liability but allowed to remain due to Murkshar.

The group had many successful adventures together. Their most notable exploit was the defeat of an Arch mage Versai. After the defeat of Versia, Rihn began to study in Myth Drannor. Her life changed drastically when she was asked to investigate the death of Aravae Irithyl with her husband, Murkshar. Aravae Irithyl was to be the next Coronal and it is said she died in her sleep. Murkshar and Rihn with a group of trusted allies found different. She noticed bruise marks on her neck suggesting strangulation, she also notice mud splatters on the wall which was later confirmed to from a different area. Rihn pushed to start the investigation. Eilyana had discovered that she could not be raised because her soul was trapped elsewhere. Rihn stole a dollop of Aravae Irithyl's flesh, hoping to clone her in the future. She also found that the many members of the gold elf houses where involved in some form of conspiracy. She told her suspicions to Venili Starym, only to be accused of stirring trouble.

With the houses in chaos all striving for power Murkshar assembled a small army and tried to claim the ruling sword for himself believing that most of the nobles were corrupt. By the dawn of the sixth day of the claiming ceremony, twenty-four nobles from the gold elf houses were dead. A bolt of eldritch fire consumed each one, whenever they tried to claim the ruling sword. With open warfare among the nobles and learning the heirs of Houses Aunglor, Hawksong, Ilithor, Maerdrym, Nightstar ad Omberdawn lay dead on the streets, Murkshar foolishly thought with his power he could create peace. He made it to the tower stairs and would have reached the top if it is was not for his friend Myelar's betrayal. His friend was a powerful wizard and he informed other wizards to keep an eye out for trouble…namely Murkshar.

Murkshar was entrapped in a powerful artifact know as the souls gem as the tower exploded. He had saved Rihn's life during this battle. The exact details are unclear of this battle. It's details were only briefly recorded. Rihn was imprisioned in stone shortly after the battle ended. Murkshar's surviving allies were punished for their involvement and when the council was formed.

Rihn was spared death due to Arms-Major Kelvhan Olortynnal. The Arms-Major felt if Rihn was imprisioned for her involvement and this would be enough punishment. Too much blood had already been spilt.She was imprisoned and hidden away from enemies. Rihn believes the soul of Aravae Irithyl is trapped somewhere and could be restored if it was located. She also found proof that the noble houses were involved with the death of Aravae Irithyl. Rihn was imprisoned in the Year of Stern Judgment 666 DR.

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Getting Rihn

Location: Mistmoor manor

How To Acquire: Rihn can be found somewhere in the manor.

NPC Romance: Rihn may romance Vildamyr, given the right circumstances.

Special Equipment: Shamisen, Ring of Wizardry, War Dancer

Note: Rihn will not stay in a group with a low reputation. She simply will leave.


Rihn's Attributes

Strength 10
Dexerity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16
Alignment Neutral Good

NPC Romance

Rihn may romance Vildamyr, given the right circumstances.


Special Equipment

Rihn's Shamisen

Rihn's shamisen is a lute instrument with three strings. It has a very long neck and is about 30 inches (one meter) long.

Its body is made out of wood and covered with cat skin. The body is stuck on a pole, the neck. Body and neck can be taken apart. Thus her shamisen is easier to transport.

Rihn was given this instrument by her grandmother and she has cherished it since she was a young girl. It was enchanted by the church of Hanali Celanil as a gift for her group's great deeds.


Special Abilities:
Cure Disease once per day
Cure Poison once per day
Cure Critical Wounds once per day

Rihn's Ring of Wizardry

This ring is masterfully enchanted, allowing a bard to memorize more spells than normally possible. It was originally created for Rihn by the Archmage Paeris Haladar.


Spells: Doubles the amount of second level spells a bard can memorize.

Only usable by:

Sword of Dancing, 'War Dancer'

This finely crafted ancient blade comes from Kara Tur. Rihn has used her katana all of her adventuring career. It is her family's blade and she cherishes the honor her father gave her when she was chosen to be the wielder. It was enchanted by the Srinshee to function as a Sword of Dancing. To help defend Rihn while she is casting spells. This sword of dancing that bears the name "War Dancer." When Rihn throws the blade in the air and cries "Rise War Dancer!"the katana will animate and attack the nearest enemy.


THAC0: +2 bonus
Special: Dancing sword can attack on its own for 4 rounds.
Damage: 1D10 +2
Damage type: slashing
Weight: 3
Speed Factor: 2
Proficiency Type: Katana
Type: 1-handed
Requires: 6 Strength
Not Usable By:


Rihn with other NPCs

Rihn will romance Vildamyr, given the correct circumstances.