Classic Adventures

Rilithar Mistmoor

Human, Paladin of Selune

Rilithar MistmoorRilithar has just inherited a title along with a huge debt. He has to pay back taxes on his families land or lose everything. Rilthar's inheritance in theory should cover everything but reality is a different matter. Long ago his family was one of the wealthiest and most influential in the land. Then a tragedy struck which still remains a mystery.

One of the Viscounts daughters is said to have gone insane and bloodily murder most of the family, then killed herself in remorse. Legend has it that the Viscount had a secret vault which was locked away in his manor. It apparently remains there today. The manor is apparently haunted by the ghost of the insane girl and was abandoned after the tragedy.

Several expeditions went to the manor to try to find the vault. None succeeded; few made it out alive. Finally the Viscounts gave up and decided to live their lives in relative poverty. Rilithar is determined to restore the power and influence of the Mistmoor name.

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Getting Rilithar

Location: Mistmoor Tavern

How To Acquire: After you enter Mistmoor Tavern, you'll hear Rilithar talking to someone and he'll ask around the Tavern for someone to help him. Listen to his tale, agree to help him and he'll join you.

PC Romance: Rilithar will romance a suitable female PC after you complete Mistmoor. You can click here for details.


Rilithar's Attributes

Strength 16
Dexerity 15
Constitution 15
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 14
Charisma 17
Alignment Neutral Good

PC Romance

Romance Requirements:

  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Human, Half-elf and Elf
  • Alignment: Any non-evil
  • Charisma: At least 11
  • Complete Mistmoor

Being the last in his line, Rilithar is looking for a bride -- the Lady of his estate. Rilithar is sweet and caring to whom he chooses to romance. He has a sense of humor and is protective. He is also patience. His romance is easy to maintain, so long as the player do not insult him or be cruel to him.

There are two chances for the player to take the romance to the next level. All lovetalks will be initiated by Rilithar. Flirts can be initiated by Rilithar or by the player.

Player can see some slight variations of banters depending on her race, class and attributes. Certain dialog options appear only if the player has a minimum INT (15).

Romance Progress: 2/3 of romance path writing and coding is complete. Beta stage one romance and 2/3 flirts released in 0.40.


Sample Romance Dialog

This is part of Rilithar's first lovetalk...

Rilithar: I wonder what kind of man will catch your eye?
You: I don't like men. (wink at Rilithar playfully.) I 'swing by the other way'.

Rilithar: (cough) Really? I... I... (cough) I don't know what to say.
You: (You chuckle as his reaction.) Relax, Rilithar. I'm just jesting with you.

Rilithar: <charname>! Oh you're cruel to play such a trick on me. I.. was worried for a moment.
You: (You laugh) The look on your face is priceless, Rilithar.

Rilithar: (laughing) I'm glad I amuse you, <charname>. Will you tell me now what kind of man will catch your eye?


Rilithar with other NPCs

Rilithar gets along well with all good-aligned and neutral NPCs. He does not like certain evil NPCs. Rilithar gets along well with Vildamyr whom he has known since he was little but have not see each other until only recently. Rilithar forgave Vildamyr for his womanizing ways and is trying to help his friend with his addiction.