Classic Adventures

Rivian Silverwinds

Elf, Bladesinger/Mage

Rivian Silverwinds An orphan, Rivian Silverwinds, was barely a century old when Drows raided the High Forest and brutally slayed her parents. Fate had her rescued by a high mage, Zelphar Aendryr who happened to be travelling through the High Forest during the Raid, and took her to Evereska.

Being one of the teachers in the prestigious Evereska College of Magic and Arms, Zelphar took her under his wings and brought her up like a father would.

Focused and determined to avenge her parents' death, Rivian trained for long hours. She excelled in the training provided by the school, surpassing her peers, within a short period of time.

Her talents greatly impressed the renowned Bladesinger, Shanyrria Alenuath, a close friend of Zelphar, who took her in and taught her the revered art of bladesinging.

In order to fulfill her bladesinger oath, Rivian had taken to adventuring, lending her aid to needy elves and preserving the Elven Way.

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Getting Rivian

Location: Myth Drannor or Westgate

How To Acquire: You can let Rivian join your party either in Myth Drannor or Westgate.

In Myth Drannor, Rivian is a semi-hidden NPC. You'll need to have Rihn in the party and do Rihn's quest which will take you to Myth Drannor. Thereafter, Rivian can be summoned by Ilewtharyn.

Note: Rivian will leave at the end of Myth Drannor if the player is evil.

In Westgate, Rivian is a prisoner, rescue her and she will join you.

PC Romance: Rivian will romance a suitable PC.

Special Equipment: Enelya


Rivian's Attributes

Strength 14
Dexerity 17
Constitution 15
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 11
Charisma 15
Alignment Chaotic Good

PC Romance

Romance Requirements:

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Elf (I don't have any dialog options for non-elf yet.)
  • Alignment: LG/NG/CG
  • Charisma > 13
  • Friendship counter > 25 or when certain dialog options are selected.

Due to her solitary upbringing, Rivian is guarded and wary of everyone around her. Although very much welcome in her life, Love and Romance will never be something that she'll delibrately seek for. Her icy-cold appearance diguises a passionate, warm heart that yearns for love, attention and approval.

A successful love interest will be someone who has the patience to pry off the many layers of emotional defenses surrounding her heart.

Note: Rivian's romance banters are mainly initiated by the PC, though certain dialogs will only become available when certain conditions are met. There is also a slight difference in her dialogs depending on if you recruit her from Myth Drannor or Westgate.

Romance Progress: Lovetalks almost completely written and 90% coded. Beta version released in 0.42 and flirts added in CA 0.41. More flirts have been written and will be released in the next version.


Sample Romance Dialog

This is part of a PC-initiated dialog.

You: Rivian, do you like me?

Rivian: Yes, mellonamin. You are a fine friend.

You: A friend yes, but I want more. Do you think you can love me?

Rivian: Love, mellonamin? Are you saying that you love me?

You: Yes, Amin mela lle. I love you.

Rivian: ...


Special Equipment


Enelya once belonged to Gaylia Eveningfall, Shanyrria Alenuath's proud bladesinger apprentice. Steadfast in her duty to her bladesinger oath, Gaylia undertook an important and dangerous mission to investigate the mass murders of sea elves in the Trackless Sea. Gaylia was killed during the mission and her blade was found in the hands of a notorious Pirate Captain, Eanwulf. Grieve-stricken at her apprentice's death, Shanyrria Alenuath used stealth and her bladesinging skill to retrieve the weapon from Eanwulf.

Enelya was given to Rivian Silverwinds as a reward for defending a group of wood elves in the High Forest against drow raiders and escorting them safely to Evereska.

Enelya's sheath is black in color and lined with carvings of leaves in gold. The light wooden hilt of this blade offers a firm grip. It is extremely light and slightly bluish in color. The blade is tapered on the slashing side while it remained flat on the other; it is perfectly balanced as with all swords forged by elven smiths. When Rivian saw the curved flowing designs etched unto the blade, it reminded her of the elven forests, helped to ease her longing for home.


Equipped Abilities:
Cat Grace Once per day
THACO: +2 bonus +4 vrs Underdark Creatures
Damage: 1d8+2 +4 vrs Underdark Creatures
Damage type: slashing
Weight: 3
Speed Factor: 2
Proficiency Type: Long sword
Type: 1-handed
Requires: 6 Strength
Usable By:
Rivian Only

Note: Enelya can be upgraded three times.


Rivian with other NPCs

As a bladesinger, Rivian is an ally to all non-evil elves. She befriends all the elven NPCs and gets along with them. Rivian has many dialogs with Vildamyr and Althon whom she is wary but curious nevertheless. She sees Aesdale as a human city elf who has lost touch with his elven roots and tries to teach him the way of the elves. She is unsure what to make of Blush who has also grown up in a human city but is less receptive to her.

Rivian gets along with all other good-aligned NPCs with one exception. Rivian sees Shadow as a child, much to the halfling's annoyance.