Classic Adventures

Rurik Lutgehr

Dwarf, Cleric/Fighter

Rurik Lutgehr You know that Rurik Lutgehr is a blacksmith and merchant. He travels the area around Saltmarsh and other nearby towns often with his goods. You also know that like many dwarves, he has a gruff personality. However with Rurik that is just for show to customers. Unlike other dwarves, Rurik likes to wander the countryside. No clans or homeland to speak of, his home is where his wagon of goods stops for the night.

Rurik tells you that he used to be a battlepriest for Marhammor Duin, a dward god of wanderers, explorers, and travelers. He loves to explore new lands and meet new people. Trading and blacksmithing just became natural excues to travel, something many other dwarves don't understand.

He hasn't adventured in many years. The opportunity to join your patrol was too intriguing and he just had to drop his merchandise and go exploring with you. Besides, it will only take a few days, right?

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Getting Rurik

Location: Oakhurst/Saltmarsh

How To Acquire: In Oakhurst, Rurik is outside the tavern. In Saltmarsh, he can be found in his blacksmith shop.


Rurik's Attributes

Strength 15
Dexerity 11
Constitution 17
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 15
Charisma 13
Alignment Lawful Neutral