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Halfling, Thief

Shadow When asked about her past, Shadow relunctantly tells you that she grew up in the slums of Zhenterim Keep. Her parents were slaves to a noble there. She assisted her parents with maintaining the lord's house in the city. She despised her life and started stealing things from the house.

When she almost got caught, she escaped and lived on the streets of the slums in the city. This is where she learned how to pick pockets . One day she attempted to steal from a peasant only to learn that he was a thieves guild member. Non-members were not allowed to steal in the city and if captured, could be killed on sight. She was able to escape by climbing under a wagon heading out the gates of the citie. She has never return to the city since.

Shadow came through Oakhurst while wandering in the countryside. She is has left many towns in a hurry because of her thefts for food or clothing. Oakhurst was the first time she actually got caught.

It is apparent to you that her thieving skills must not be that great if she keeps getting caught. Shadow feels that she is only stealing for necessary survival items. Jobs are hard to find for a halfling outside of the Dales and other halfling communities. You find it hard to believe that after the life she has led so far, that she would really settle down in a village and work for an honest living.

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Getting Shadow

Location: Oakhurst

How To Acquire: The mayor will release Shadow to you in Chapter 1.


Shadow's Attributes

Strength 12
Dexerity 19
Constitution 16
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14
Alignment Chaotic Neutral