Classic Adventures

Vildamyr Sal'endral

Half-Elf, Morning Lord

Vildamyr Sal'endralVildamyr Sal’endral is a seasoned adventurer from Marsember who is just as comfortable in a dungeon as he is in a brothel. He has been a member of many famous adventuring groups.

Now in his late twenties he has decided to make his own group and attempt to make his name legendary in the realms. In Marsember this young priest of Lathander is well know, Especially with the young ladies of the area. Skilled at the art of seduction, Vildamyr has managed to seduce many important political figures.

Perhaps in the future he will strive to become a member of court using his connections to help him gain power, this is unlikely however. Despite his unsavory reputation, he is the chosen Morning Lord of Lathander, chosen to do what nobody knows

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Getting Vildamyr

Location: Mistmoor Manor

How To Acquire: He has been kidnapped and imprisoned. Free him and he'll happily join you.

NPC Romance: Vildamyr may romance Rihn, given the right circumstances.

Special Equipment: Vildamyr's Holy Symbol of Lathander, Dawn's Embrace, Ildacer's Shield


Vildamyr's Attributes

Strength 11
Dexerity 17
Constitution 17
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 18
Charisma 16
Alignment Chaotic Good

NPC Romance

Vildamyr may romance Rihn, given the right circumstances.


Special Equipment

Vildamyr's Holy Symbol of Lathander

This ornate Holy Symbol is made from a rosy hue stone of an unknown gem type. It is on a simple think platinum chain which Vildamyr wears at all times. A gift to Vildamyr at birth, its true origins remain unknown. Only those most worthy and devoted servants of the Dawnbringer are granted powerful holy symbols. Vildamyr has carried his all of his life.


Spells: Grants an extra spell of each level from 1st to 4th
Usable By:
Vildamyr Sal'Endral Only

Dawn's Embrace (Field Platemail +1)
The rosy hued field plate armor is a sign of the god Lathander's favor. He has rewarded the Vildamyr's loyalty by blessing Vildamyr's armor. The entire suit is carefully adorned with rich engraving and embossed detail. It glows a bright rosy hue when worn buy Vildamyr making stealth near impossible.


Special: Negative plane protection when worn
Armor Class: 1
Weight: 15
Usable By:
Vildamyr Sal'Endral

Ildacer's Shield (Medium Shield +1)

This is Vildamyr's family shield, given to him by his mother. In addition to the magical protection the shield radiates an aura that grants the wielder protection from evil. This shield was first used by Aolis Ildacer, Vildamyr's mothers great grandfather. The design was a symbol showing a truce amongst all elves.

Aolis had created a truce with the drow. The Spiders Truce among the drow forces of House Dhuurniv and the mixed forces of elves and adventurers at Elven Court. Much to the distaste of the elf commanders, the senior officer of the elf forces, the Arfaern Aolis Ildacer (and also the secret commander of the N'Vaelahr) supported this alliance and held his offended officers in check by force of will after the loss of an entire sphere of Akh'Faer to the Battalion Infernal due to conflicting commands that fought the drow as well. After a strategic retreat through a crumbling arena, the Infernals were set upon by drow-placed monsters unleashed upon them from the labyrinths beneath the arena, including a young deep dragon controlled magically by Lady Laele Dhuurniv. While this did not defeat the forces of the mezzoloth General Mraochad, it did delay them long enough for the allies to entrench and hold the Battalion Infernal within the Duelists. Arena. They had many successful campaigns against the army of darkness until Starsdark which was the final battle against the Army of Darkness with the city limits of Elven Court.

The remainder of the Battalion Infernal was pinned down in isolated areas across the ruins, unable to communicate between squadrons, and actually outnumbered for the first time since the war began. As the slaughter began and the Infernals began to rout, the allies saw imminent victory and a dying need for the alliance between them. Despite the truce, old hatreds flared as their fear of the Army dimmed, and a number of troops both elf and drow took to battling each other, pitching the allies in to utter chaos. The Last Marches (Crossbones March and Flaming Gehenna's March) survived and fled north to Oloriil, though they might not have survived at all if the Spiders. Truce had not been treacherously broken. As the truce fell to tatters, Lady Dhuurnivdrew a poisoned blade and slew Aolis Ildacer where he stood, and he raised no hand against her as he believed in honoring his vow and truce. As Aolis slipped away slowly in agonizing pain, his wife Amara drew her ancient scimitar Midnight's Moon and took her husbands shield for defence. She executed the drow matron and her two honor guards (with one sweeping stroke through all their middles if one song is to be believed!). Vildamyr is the first to use the shield again since this battle.


AC Bonus : +1
Special: While equipped: Protection from evil

Usable by:
Good aligned Elves and half-elves only


Vildamyr with other NPCs

Vildamyr has an interest in all female NPCs in the party. While he gets snubbed outright by some, others are more receptive to his advances, though most held him at an arm's length. Vildamyr is a good friend of Rilithar. He tries to teach innocent Dirbert his flirtatious ways.

Vildamyr especially enjoys being around Althon, whom he quickly considers a good friend.