Classic Adventures


Thanks to leahnkain for paying the hosting fees to make the new CA Homepage possible.

Horred the Plague, Hlid, Vlad, Stone Wolf, Avenger, Ken and everyone on the TeamBG, PlagueZone, Forgotten Wars, and Spellhold Studios forums that has answered our questions.

Also to TheWizard for being the narrator of the story, master bug squasher, and all around nice guy.

Jason Compton's banter accelerator is used in this project, so a special thanks to him for letting us include it.

We did pull several pictures from somewhere (long ago, don't remember). So if it is copyrighted and you are pissed, let one of us know, we can always get another picture. The chapter change picture is from Larry Elmore, one of the best painters of fantasy/Sci-Fi (Larry, please let us keep it!).

A very special thanks has to go to Bruce R. Cordell for creating the original PnP mod (The Sunless Citadel) this one is based on. Druid mods rock!

Thanks to Dave J. Browne and Don Turnbull for the "U Series" (U1, U2, U3) modules. Thanks also to Leonard Wilson for "The Ghost of Mistmoor" mod, found in Dungeon Magazine, issue 35.

The Slaver mods are from David Cook (A1), Harold Johnson and Tom Moldvay (A2), Allen Hammack (A3), and Lawrence Schick (A4). Thanks to all of them and TSR for these mods.

The Silver Princess mod (B3) was written by Jean Wells.

The two UK mods, UK2 and UK3, was written by Graeme Morris.

The Ghost Tower of Inverness (C2) was written by Allen Hammack.

Thanks to Cyrille, Elengwat, Farik Osman, Herd, Suzanne van Pelt, Kristopher P. Love, Plasmocat, and Wei Fang for some of the portraits.

Also thank you to Sol-Ek-Sa.

Thanks also to Irbis for creating several new maps for us.

The CA Team would like to say thank you once again to Anthony Fedele, Ruth Brown, Juan Carlos Gallego, Patty Allen, Rowan Michaels, Yvonne Delahaye, Sean Hills and Tracy Pfau for lending their voicing to this project.

Thank you once again to Kat (theacefes) for composing new music for us.

A special thanks to Sir-Kill for creating so many BAMs and making a new map for Mistmoor.

Also a big thanks to Sam. and vilkacis for creating so many new BAMs.

Thanks to Big Poppa, Rabain, and King Diamond for kindly sharing with us much needed maps.

Thanks to MythrylEagle for beta-testing CA extensively.

We would like to thank kry1 for her help with so many of the NPC pictures.

We would like to thank Ivanna for creating many of the pictures as well.

We would like to thank and recommend Sanjana Baijnath for creating maps for the Sentinel and Gauntlet modules. She has also been touching up our maps.

Thanks to Travis Moore for drawing the lineart for the NPC, Grozhar, and thanks to Nix for coloring his portrait.

Thank you Daulmakan for making two inventory .BAMs for us.